Standard Microlon Kits contain Microlon Liquid / Industrial Liquid

Microlon Family of ProductsMicrolon Liquid contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. These ingredients combine to prepare the pore structure to receive the Microlon Metal Treatment and provide lasting protection. Use Microlon Liquid in all engines: 4-stroke, 2-stroke, diesel, automotive, recreational and commercial vehicles, marine vessels and heavy equipment (including farming, industrial and construction). Microlon Liquid is also known as Industrial Liquid because it has so many varied Applications.

High Performance Microlon Kits contain CL-100

Developed primarily for use in aircraft engines, CL-100 can also be considered the premium (or "High Performance") automotive treatment. CL-100 has been accepted by the FAA for use in aircraft engines of up to 1000 cubic inch displacement (AC-20-24A, May 1979). Like its counterpart, Microlon Industrial Liquid, this formulation is thoroughly compatible with fuels and oils. Due to its chemically more sophisticated ingredients, CL-100 forms an exceptionally hard film that is a necessity when dealing with dramatic temperature variations, harsh operating conditions and high performance demands. CL-100 also provides maximum protection against corrosion during periods of non-use.

The Microlon engine treatment is a one time metal treatment. First it cleans the metal pores of deposits. Then it impregnates the surface pores with a durable micro-thin dry lubricant film for reduced friction and wear plus smoother operation. It will also protect metal surfaces against rust, scale and carbon deposits.